Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair


A washing machine has a large tub that fills with water, rolls around, drains and spins to complete the wash. These four cycles – fill, wash, drain and spin, are needed to complete the cloth wash job. Any washing machine – top load or front load, each operates on the same general principles.

Some of the washer problems you can fix by yourself, however it can be difficult and confusing if you are not a trained professional. Our expert professional team will troubleshoot and fix your washer problem.

Some of the most commonly encountered problems that we can solve are:

  • Washing machine is not spinning.
  • Washing machine is not agitating
  • Washing machine won’t drain.
  • Washing machine leaking water.
  • Washing machine is showing a fault code.
  • Washing machine drum won’t turn at all.
  • Washing machine is very noisy.
  • Washing machine door won’t open.

We are a reliable local expert. We can troubleshoot your washer over the phone. Based on your problem description we will be able to tell what is wrong and approximate repair costs which will help you make a repair decision.

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